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To earn the computer engineering MS degree, you can pursue one of two tracks. These are thesis or non-thesis.

  1. Thesis track: a student must successfully complete 24 hours of course work and must earn exactly 6 hours of thesis credit CSCE 599.
  2. Project track: a student must complete 33 semester hours of which exactly 6 hours are special project credit CSCE 590.

For both MSCE tracks, you must satisfy the following degree requirements:

  1. You must take both Operating Systems (CMPS 455) and Principles of Computer Architecture (CSCE 530).
  2. You must take either Computer Design and Implementation (CSCE 583) or VLSI Design and Implementation (CSCE 585).
  3. For the project track, you must take exactly six 500-level lecture classes (in addition to CSCE 500). For the thesis track, only five 500-level lecture classes are required (instead of six). 500-level lecture classes are all 500-level classes listed in the catalog with the exception of 590, 591, 595, and 599.
  4. For the project track, exactly 6 hours of CSCE 590 may be applied to the degree.
  5. For the thesis track, exactly 6 hours of CSCE 599 must be applied to the degree.
  6. Up to two out-of-department graduate courses can be applied toward degree hours (with prior approval) provided all other requirements are met.
  7. Up to two 600-level classes (excluding CSCE 699) can be counted toward degree hours provided all other requirements are met.
  8. Finally, all tracks must complete three semesters of graduate seminar CSCE 595 even though its single credit does not count toward the degree.

All course offerings are shown in the online catalog.