Unique Graduate Experience

Since its inception in 1984, CACS has demonstrated a strong contribution to high-quality education and research in the fields of computer science and engineering.

CACS is one of the first graduate programs to merge the overlapping, yet disjointed, disciplines of computer science and computer engineering into a successful graduate program.  We have a top-notch faculty and conduct cutting-edge research in computer science and engineering.

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CACS & Research

The Center for Advanced Computer Studies (CACS) is the research arm of the School of Computing and Informatics. The Center provides quality, cutting-edge educational and research experiences at the master’s and doctoral levels. The Center offers graduate degrees in both computer science and computer  engineering.

We offer the following graduate degrees:

The Center aims to provide students with strong conceptual foundations (theoretical and experimental), and also to expose students to the forefront of the developments in the field of computing. Recognizing the applicability of computing to all fields of knowledge and practice, the Center provides a variety of degrees and programs at both graduate degree levels. The Center also cooperates with other units of the University to provide interdisciplinary degree programs.

Throughout the years, CACS graduates have been placed across the world and enjoy a high degree of success in their careers. They have been very active in both academia and industry, contributing in innovative and groundbreaking ways.

You can read the formal departmental requirements for CACS degree programs:

Syllabus for the PhD Comprehensive Exam:

CACS Alumni

From leading health information movements across the world, to co-founding companies, our alumni go to do great things, make discoveries, and work alongside other leaders. Our alumni have had successful careers at Intel, NASA, GE, and businesses and universities in all countries.