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Major Checklist


The top left part of the degree plan has fields for your name and CLID (PID). Please fill them with your name and CLID.
You do NOT need to fill the top right field. This part will be automatically updated as you put your course information below.
The plan is divided into main sections such as INFORMATICS, Concentration Core/Elective, ENGLISH and so on.
Each section list several courses, where different columns hold different pieces of information such as course prefix (e.g. INFX) course code (e.g. 412) and course name (e.g. Visual Analytics). Grade and Credit fields are left blank. You need to just put your grade and earned credits for each course.
Some courses have blank fields (e.g. courses under BHCS section). These are left blank because the course prefix, code, and name depends on what you really took. You need to fill these blank fields and put your grades as well as earned credits In case you took MATH 109/110 instead of MATH 143 you need to list these courses under MATHEMATICS section.
In case you took a course as a replacement to an existing course listed under one of the sections just put the course PREFIX and CODE in parenthesis in the course name field. Left the original course name as it is.
Do not forget to rename the excel file as Concentration_YourName_LastName_CLID.xls before you send it to your advisor.

Graduation Check List